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Our mission is to help those who are in need and to bring
hope through Education and Socio-Economic development

Educate an Orphan

Orphans in India suffer the most hardship because of the lack of governmental programs to address their educational needs and economic welfare. Often, orphans in different states in India are supported by their local community at a bare minimum subsistence level. The untapped potential of these orphan children to become contributing, law-abiding, responsible citizens of the country is severely hampered by a lack of educational and economic opportunity.

ESCO believes that only through systematic educations these people can be alleviated above the poverty line. The children in orphanages would be supported and provided education through established schools and colleges.
The main objectives of this project are to:

  • Meet the basic survival needs of orphan children
  • Provide financial support for basic and continuing education
  • Monitor their progress in their educational goals
  • Remove obstacles that hinder their progress

This process will help them become contributing, law-abiding, responsible citizens of the society. To promote an economically stable family life and healthy environment at home, a monthly allowance is given to widowed mothers. The child is no longer forced to work to supplement the family income to the detriment of their own educational goals. You can become sponsor of one or of several children. Through sponsorship you will receive a photo of the child, progress reports and you may also arrange to visit them if you come to India. Such a contribution goes a long way in changing the lives of these individual children and their families, giving each child the skills to make their own way in life and contribute to their community. We are hoping that we can provide more children with an education in the future because there are many poor children in villages and in sub-urban areas, who are not getting any education due to lack of money or the uneducated parents.
ESCO has taken on the challenge to reach out to these orphaned children and show them that there are people in this world who care about their economic and educational well-being.

The cost of this program is $30 per month per child and Family sponsorships are $100.00 per month. Your donation in support of this noble cause can help an orphan child lead a productive life and a worthwhile cause in this world and in the hereafter. Please donate generously and earn rewards from your creator.

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