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Our mission is to help those who are in need and to bring
hope through Education and Socio-Economic development

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How you can Help | Corporate Matching Gifts Program

Donate to ESCO Double or TripleYour Past Donation at No Cost to You"

Three Easy Step Process to Acquire Matching Gifts for ESCO

Ask your employer the Human Resources Officer at the Corporation you work at. If a charitable Matching Gift program is available?

ESCO is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization with Tax ID 27-5465237

There are over 14,000 companies and subsidiaries who support Matching-Gift program

If your company does “NOT” support the program, talk to your HR Director and suggest they consider it


If the answer is "yes", please:

Obtain a “Matching Gift Form” from your employer’s human resource or payroll department.

Complete the donor section of the form

Submit the form to “ESCO” along with your donation check payable to “ESCO, Inc”. If you have donated on-line, please include an additional note detailing your on-line donation. Please send it to:

    Attn: Matching Gift Program
    ESCO, Inc.
    PO.BOX # 153841
    Irving, TX 75015

(That's all it takes from you to double the good you do.  All company-matching funds go to providing several desperately needed programs at “ESCO” for uplifting the poor and unprivileged people in India.)

  • ESCO will process the form and send it to your employer. Your employer will then send ESCO a “Matching Gift Check”. It’s that easy!

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